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About this service

OCR stands for Optical character recognition. OCR software enables you to extract text from an image and convert it into an editable text document. If you need the text from an image you don't have to sit and type in the whole text. Just scan the text and then use our OCR tool to convert it into editable text.

There are many OCR applications available with a few more features but they need to be installed and are generally very expensive. If you only need to use this type of applications every now and then, paying a lot of money for them isn't a wise decision so why not use this free service instead?

Please note that the output text from this service might require a further sanity check, since there are a lot of complications that can arise during the recognition and translation process. Still, proofreading your text will be a lot faster and easier than having to type it all in, one character at a time.

Do I have to optimize my images before I upload them?

We do automatic image preprocessing optimizaton before the image is fed to the OCR engine. We reduce background noise and adjust the resolution. The only thing left is to deskew the image if skew is more than 10°.

Does it preserve formatting and layout of documents?

No. The result is always plain text.

My images contains text, but the result is really bad!

If the text font is too small or the background noise is too high (for example a background image) then our OCR process will fail like every other OCR tool.
However, if you think your image is good enough to get usable results you can help us to improve this service and send your images to us (see contact page). We are always looking for real world examples to improve this service.